What are Backlinks

Whenever we go through the concepts of SEO, we come across something called Backlinks. Before I get to the actual concept of backlinks, let me tell you something about Google bots and crawlers. The main function of Google bots and crawlers is to crawl through all the web pages, images and links present in your website and submit the crawled data to the search engines.


These crawlers help our website to be visible in search results. The speciality of these bots and crawlers is that when they come across an external link in your website, they try to navigate to that external page as well. For example you have written an article on “How to design a website”, in that article you would like to give your readers some more resources to read. So, you create a link to another site which you think might be helpful to your readers. Crawlers navigate through the link and land in the site which you have linked to. Doing this affects your ranking substantially.These links are called outbound links. Similarly, crawlers can crawl to your site from an external source. Links that lead to your site are called inbound links. Backlinks help your site rank better because google’s search algorithm ranks websites based on backlinking as one of it’s criteria. So technically, the more inbound and outbound links your site has, the more higher your site will be ranked. Now that you got to know about backlinks, before you start creating links in your articles, there is something else you need to know about backlinks.

  • Do not spam websites with links to your website. This might get you banned by Google search engine. Try to link only where it is relevant and makes sense.
  • There are websites that automatically link your site to major web pages. Do not go for such practises, chances are that your site might be banned by google.


Always see to it that the links you create are relevant to the article you publish. It is always suggested to follow ethical means of creating backlinks to avoid getting banned and for good ranking to your site.

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