Top 5 Free File Sharing Websites

A Plenty of File Sharing websites have come up in the past two to three years with the aim of providing good storage capacity to their users. Due to tough competition among it’s peers, some of these websites have even started paying their users in the form of Bitcoins or extra free storage for referrals or for a particular number of downloads each user gets with his link.

There are many such services to choose from and I have listed the top 5 amongst them based on their popularity, the traffic they get, the free space they provide and also the pricing for each of their plans.


#1 Google Drive

top 5 free file sharing sites

Google’s services are always #1 in business. The Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space to all it’s users in which you can store all types of files and documents and also let’s you share your files with your friends, relatives and colleagues. If that 15 GB of free space if you think is not sufficient, then you can get more space which costs $1.99 per month for 100 GB, $9.99 for 1 TB per month and 10 TB for $99.99 per month. You can refer to this link for more info on pricing.


#2 Microsoft OneDrive

Top 5 free file sharing sites

The next best thing is the Microsoft OneDrive. The Drive offers a free storage space of 5GB per user and you can purchase an extra 50 GB for 123 INR per month or $1.99 per month. This will be the basic plan and the combo plans include Microsoft Drive and Office for INR 330 per month for 1TB, that makes $6.99 per month USD. You can refer to their detail pricing plans here in USD and here in INR. The best thing about OneDrive is that it comes pre installed in some of the android devices which backs up pictures from your camera automatically.


#3 Dropbox

top 5 free file sharing sites

Dropbox is used in almost every device to share lots of files and pictures. Dropbox has increased the free storage capacity from 2GB to 5GB to support the auto camera upload tool similar to the Microsoft OneDrive. Apart from this you can also earn an extra space upto 16GB by referring your friends to Dropbox. You can find the additional pricing information here.


#4 Ziddu

Top 5 free file sharing sites

I think a lot you guys haven’t heard about this site, Ziddu offers UNLIMITED storage space to it’s users completely free of cost. You can upload as much content as you want and even earn in the form of Bitcoins when you get enough downloads to your files. But there is a catch, your files will be automatically deleted if it doesn’t get enough traffic or downloads. This service is good for those who share free downloadable content on their blogs or websites. You can refer to their FAQ’s for more info.


#5 MediaFire

top 5 free file sharing sites

MediaFire has improved a lot over the years in terms of their quality of service and the pricing plans as well due to competition from it’s peers like Dropbox and OneDrive. It has also dropped the upload limit capacity per file to its paid as well as free users. You can get 1TB of data for $5 per month and has even released Desktop and mobile versions as  well. You can refer to more info from here.

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