How to know if someone logged into your Facebook Account

Facebook has emerged to be the #1 social media platform and with increasing popularity, the vulnerability of attacks also increases and it is important to tighten the security mechanisms to provide users with maximum confidentiality and integrity to their personal information. Facebook has come with some enhanced features in regards to this aspect and one among them is sending you alerts if someone has tried to access your account from another browser or a device.

Whenever someone tries to access your account from a different device or a browser you will be getting an alert to your registered email id.

To access this feature simply login to your Facebook account and goto Settings. In the settings panel under the Security tab, click on login alerts and click on Edit.

set facebook login alert

Under the Login alerts tab, select the “Get Notifications” and under the Email tab select the “Email login alerts to ” and save your changes.



Now that you have configured the facebook login alerts, if anyone tries to access your account without your knowledge, an alert will be sent to your registered email id stating the type of device or the browser from which the login has been attempted. As soon as you get this alert, it is recommended that you change your password immediately as a precautionary measure.

It is important to be aware of the technological advancements happening around us be extra cautious when using your social media accounts. There are a set of other advanced security features that facebook has introduced which I will be writing about very shortly.


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