Earn Money With Google- The App Referral Program

earning money through google app referral program

Google has recently introduced the Google App Referral Program where you can refer your friends or colleagues to use Google Apps and you get paid $7.50 for each referral. These apps are mainly designed keeping in mind small and large business organisations to share a set of common tools like Worksheets, docs, calenders etc. which help to coordinate the work better among the employees. You can sign up for the Google App Referral program from here.

You can sign up for the program by clicking on the Start Free Trial. Here you will be asked to enter your personal details like email id, organisation name, number of employees and your contact number. Once you have submitted your details, you will be prompted to enter your domain name of your organisation. After you have your domain name, you need to verify the ownership of your domain which I willearning money through google app referral progaram be showing you in a minute. Once you are done entering the domain details, you need to create your Google Apps account. If you are the admin of the website you have submitted, then you can create an admin email for yourself where you can add users to the account later.

Now you will need to configure your account like adding users, billing details and verifying the ownership of your website. You can add users by giving them a unique user name for a specific departments like Sales, Marketing, Technical and so on. When you sign up for the program you are given a set of coupon codes which can be used to subscribe for the Google Apps.

After you have set everything up your dashboard looks similar to this

earning money through google app referral program

Now coming on to the actual part of you earning money through this program, whenever someone signs up using your referral link and pays for the subscription, you will be paid $7.50 after their 120 days of subscription.

This is quite helpful for small to medium organisations where you need a set of common working tools among your colleagues to work on. You will surely earn some good bucks not initially but in the long run.

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