How To Create Virtual RAM in Windows

We can create Virtual RAM in windows by using the space available on the Hard drive. The virtual RAM or Page File is necessary for your processor to perform any function when your physical RAM is full or busy performing other operations. By default, your system automaticaly allocates some memory as virutal RAM to use in case of emergencies. In case it doesn’t, you can manually set some memory from your hard drive.

  • Right click on My Computer and click on Properties.


Virtual RAM windows 7


  • In the properties window, select Advanced System Settings.

virtual RAM windows 7



  • In the next window, select Settings in the Performance.


virtual RAM windows7


  • Here, select the Advanced tab and in the Virtual Memory section, click on change.


virtual RAM windows 7


  • In this window, select the drive from which you can allocate space as virtual RAM.

virtual RAM windows 7


  • After selecting the drive for allocating the space, select the option System Managed Size and click on Set.
  • Finally, click on OK to save your settings.


This is how you can allocate Virtual RAM from your Hard Drive.

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