Best Apps For Android- Top 5 Apps you Must Install

best apps for android

Well if you have bought a new android device lately and wondering what kind of applications you would like to install, well there thousands of applications available in play store but installing a plenty of them would reduce your mobile’s performance. So in this post I am going to show the best android apps you must have on your mobile.. I have included both utility and multimedia apps but if I have missed any other popular app, please mention them in the comments below.

True Caller

True Caller is probably the first app you should be having on your phone right now. It comes with some brilliant features like showing the identity of the caller, saving a new contact into their database  and also editing the existing ones. Apart from this you also have the power to mark a number as spam and block the contact from annoying you again. By marking as spam, you will also save others their time by letting them know that a particular number is a spam. Also each user is given a dedicated profile which they can edit and maintain which is like a reference to others to get to know about you. The last and the most powerful feature is that it is free and light and does not effect your mobile’s performance.

Sound Cloud

Well this app is exclusively for all the music freaks out there. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, then go ahead and download now. Sound Cloud offers tons of libraries from all the genres and also lets you create your own playlists. You can log in through facebook and share your favourite playlists to your friends and also follow them if they have a cool playlist. All the latest albums of your favourite artists are updated very fast and does not let you miss any of the latest albums.

Mix Radio

All the Samsung mobile users out there, If you have not yet downloaded this app, then you are missing out on one of the greatest music apps ever created. Actually this is app is one of my favourites and I am not knowing where to start bragging about this app. Once you download and signup, it shows you all the regional, national and international albums from all the artists and movies and you get to like your favourite albums. Once done, the app creates a mix of playlists of all the genres or albums you have liked. All these playlists are shuffled and the great part is that you can even download them and save them as your offline playlists. This can be helpful when you are on the move and don’t have an internet connection. Highly recommended app for all the Samsung users.

Pixlr Express

This app is probably the best photo editing app available in the playstore. This app provides a wide range of editing features along with a bunch of filters which you surely do not want to miss. Apart from these the app also offers various basic editing tools like adjusting the brightness and contrast, various cropping angles and the famous collage feature. The flexibility and the smooth interface makes this app a must download for android users.

Share It

This app may not sound to much importance but once you download and start using it, you will know its real value. Share It lets you share pictures and all other multimedia files through bluetooth to other connected devices. You will be surely amazed by it’s blazing fast speeds at which the files are shared and also the simple interactive interface. You can set a custom profile picture and scan around for connected devices to share your files. Over all it is a must-have application for sharing pictures and other media files with great transfer speeds.

I have included the 5 best android apps available but surely there are lots more in the play store which you can download and use. If you find anything more useful than the above mentioned, please do notify me and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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