“My Phone is Slow”- Tips To Speed Up Your Android Device

android device running slow speed up phone

Android is one of the most sought after mobile platform and I need not tell you why. You were probably impressed by the blazing fast speed your device operated when you first bought it. But as days went on, it started becoming slow and sluggish. Also some of the apps don’t respond properly or they might crash suddenly while using them. All these might make you frustrated and finally  decide that it is time to get a new mobile maybe of a different platform. But don’t take those kind of decisions so soon unless you are in a position to afford a new one and that doesn’t make much of a difference to you. This article is for those kind of people who are desperate enough to change to a new mobile but cannot afford one. I am going to spill out some simple yet effective tips to speed up your android device.

I promise, after you have followed all that I am going to show, you will see a significant change in your device’s performance. Also If  I have forgotten anything which you know and I don’t, then don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Alright here we go:

  • Close Unused or Unnecessary apps

     The android OS may be famous for it’s multitasking feature but actually speaking, running too many apps at the same time might consume most of the running RAM space and slow up the currently running process. So, clean up the unused or unnecessary apps which are running in the background. You can do this by going to the Task Manager. Doing this will free up the RAM and the currently running app can utilise most of the RAM space thus making your device faster and smoother.

  • Disable the Widgets

    All those widgets which are running on your home screen may be useful to you, but those widgets take up most of the resources even when are not running and hence slowing up your currently running process. Delete all the widgets from the Home Screen and see the difference.

  • Delete Unnecessary Files

   There might tonnes of photos stored in your gallery, many heavy apps installed but not seldom used. All these take a toll on your device functioning. Delete unnecessary files or create a backup for all the old photos in a usb drive or upload them to a cloud storage. Uninstall those apps which you don’t use more often. Create a little space for your device to breathe in.

  • Heavy Launchers

There are many launchers available to customize your device. These launchers might give a new look to your device, but those might be the main culprits to damage the normal operation of the device. Remove all those heavy launchers and special effects and run your phone with minimal graphics and effects.

  • Reboot The Device

Rebooting the device is a quick and simple fix to smoothen up the functioning of your phone. Rebooting can clear out cache, stop unnecessary tasks from running, and get things running smoothly again.

 Personally I have implemented these tips and found a gradual improvement in my device’s performance. If I have missed out on anything please do share in the comments below.





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